Flexible Hoses
Buy from us all kinds of flexible hoses made from PTFE, stainless steel, etc., for supplying liquids, gases and steam. No doubt these hoses are better than rigid hoses given to the ability of withstanding vibration and thermal expansion. 

Industrial Hoses
From rubber hoses, corrugated hoses to lance hoses, we have all kinds of industrial hoses in this segment available in all possible sizes. As the name implies, this range is applicable in many industries. 

Braided Hose Pipe
The wire braided hose pipes made from stainless steel and finished with chrome are supplied in all variants, from single braid to double braid. These variations have different maximum working pressure and test pressure, and minimum static or dynamic bend radius. 

Hose Couplings
Hose coupling is a connection fixture required to connect hose with pump, tap or another pipe. These couplings are manufactured in different sizes, types and materials, like brass, stainless steel, aluminium, etc. 

Hydraulic Hose Assemblies
Hydraulic hose assemblies form an essential component while connecting hose pipe with machines and systems. The assembly process requires several machines and tools apart from basic hose and fittings. 

Hose Fittings
One of the hose fittings that customers can buy from us is the ACMF hose with PTFE lining for transferring liquid or air. The material flow can be regulating using additional fitting. 

Stainless Steel Braided Flexible Pump Connectors
The stainless steel braided flexible pump connectors are better than the rigid counterparts, given to their ability to absorb movements, prevent vibration and reduce stress and noise. These connectors are installed on pumps and pipelines.

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